Our story began in 2001, when our sister company, HearBright Audiology, was founded. We had two simple premises: to keep the bar of excellence high, no matter what, and to provide hearing tests without the wait time typical of medical appointments. We designed it so that we could see individuals immediately and that their doctor could see the results right away. HearBright became known for efficiency and excellence.

From the first year, HearBright grew rapidly to become the largest independently owned provider of audiological care in San Jose, and the demand for hearing tests kept the schedule full every day. Wonderful, except there was one problem.

It’s one thing to perform tests and identify hearing loss, and it’s another thing to provide the answer to hearing loss.

Trouble was, as much as we wanted to provide hearing aids and improve people’s lives with better hearing, we didn’t have time in the packed schedule. How frustrating, to see people who needed and wanted to hear better, to go without help simply because it didn’t fit in our busy schedule.

It took 19 years of experience and development for Agility Hearing to be born. We wanted to offer premium devices that people could afford, so we started building our dream store for the perfect hearing aids. By “unbundling” the price, we save the consumer money. The money that would have been spent on advertisements and mailings, instead, are put toward a lower price for the consumer. Because Agility is powered by HearBright, we can afford the low price to the consumer.

We know that our sincerity, hard work, and desire to help our communities in San Jose will meet your needs and help you to hear everyone, everywhere. Welcome to the Agility store, located in the Rose Garden neighborhood.

Nobuko Ito, Au.D.
Audiologist and Owner